What We Do

We work on three mantras : *Education * Training *Employment
At our centers, young individuals are trained for CORPORATE sector, BPO Industries, Call Centers Banks, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Marketing, and Retails etc. to become an excellent communicator and executive of particular industry. Our training program aims at providing quality education In the field of Effective English Speaking, Global English, Voice and Accent, Customer handling skill, selling skill, tele – calling, Soft skills and in the sensitive area of Customer Centric Approach (CCA); like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retail management and various other technical skills by using state of the art learning methods. Our program facilitators are highly skilled.

The candidate’s qualification for this training programme is minimum 10+2.and the training duration is 1 month to 6 month maximum. When candidate finished his / her training after a written and spoken exam Company issue him / her a certificate of BPO PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED, CORPORATE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE,SPOKEN ENGLISH CERTIFICATE and after this process the candidates who get A+ certificate(given by Bivha Career Development Center after exam), Company place him / her in the associated companies according to their caliber. The demand of trained human resource is increasing day by day but in the market there is dearth of trained human resource because 70% population of India are living in villages so there is a gigantic demand of trained human resource in different field of big Corporate / MNCs/IT sectors