Placement Overview

We@ BIVHA CORPORATION’S CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER are quite serious about placement. Hence we have created a platform where our certified, skilled students are able to meet corporate recruiters who are in need of them. The objective is to make the process of finding employment completely reliable, where sector relevant job postings make it convenient for both the job-seeker and the recruiter to focus on their specific requirements without undue wastage of time at either end. Besides the digital effort at providing appropriate job opportunities to our trainees placement for its skilled, SSC certified trainees through its “Placement cell” at regular intervals.
Bivha Corporation’s Career Development centers placement drives enabled by the “Bivha Corporate Relationship Team” wherein one or more corporate entities from various sectors across the industry are invited to hire skilled resources of their choice in one physical space on a single day. By making large-scale, intensive use of various media, Team Bivha Career Development Center mobilizes its skilled trainees and makes them available for interviews/assessment by corporates by providing the necessary infrastructure required to execute the process efficiently. Through this mutually beneficial arrangement of Bivha Corporation, corporates are able to recruit certified, skilled employees at a minimal cost and Bivha Corporation Career Development Center trainees succeed in finding employment opportunities with renowned companies at ease.